Clinical Research News

June 2022

Are you searching for cutting-edge content and webinar on nutrition research? check out the Bruker Virtual Content Hub for Nutrition research with NMR*!

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Analyzing Pumpkin Seed Nutrition using 1H NMR*

NMR* is becoming an important technique for analyzing food and agricultural products. 1H NMR can determine purity, authenticity, nutritional profile and other...

Interview with Prof. Sina & Dr. Habermann

The new NMR center at the University of L├╝beck will enhance research opportunities, including the analysis of biobank samples and nutritional medicine research.

New Insight into Dietary Behavior Using NMR* Profiling

Learn about a metabolite profiling methodology that enables accurate tracking of dietary intake for individual advice and population monitoring.

*Research use only. Bruker NMR instruments are not intended for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.