Advancing Drug Discovery
Development and Manufacture


Advancing Drug Discovery, Development and Manufacture

In this issue, we’re partnering with scientists and leading organizations to increase productivity and shorter time-to-market by delivering complete solutions underpinned by superior data that lead to faster decisions with higher confidence.

Partnership Announcement

PIPAc collaboration enables new compact, mobile and cost-efficient approach to API manufacturing

The companies NovAliX, Alysophil, De Dietrich Process Systems and Bruker have joined forces to bring to market a new approach to active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production. The partnership will leverage its complementary skills to provide a complete, standalone, and location-independent API manufacturing solution to a pharmaceutical company or contract manufacturing organization (CMO).

Case Study

Automated qNMR data processing and analysis in the behind the scenes of fragment-based drug discovery

Bringing new drugs into the market is a complex and extended process that often involves repetitive and time-consuming, but albeit necessary data processing and reporting tasks. In the labs of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, a Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) program has been established for screening and identifying lead compounds with potential therapeutic effects that may serve as starting points for the development of potent drug candidates.

Case Study

Radiation dosimetry and efficacy of an 89Zr/225Ac-labeled humanized anti-MUC5AC antibody

Theranostic applications are difficult to achieve due to the limited evaluation of suitable chelators for therapeutic nuclides. Here, Nihon Medi Physics shows how the PET/CT Si78 scanner can be used to evaluate 89Zr/225Ac-labeled humanized anti-MUC5AC antibody as new theranostics agents for pancreatic cancer. Read more in the Nuclear Medicine and Biology, May – June 2022, Volumes 108 – 109.