Magnetic Resonance
June 2022

NEW TopSpin Release for Avance III and Avance III HD Users

TopSpin 3.6.5, now available for download, offers the full functionality of SmartDriveNMR to our Avance III (and HD) users.

  • Flexibility: Add your own 1D or 2D set of parameters to create exactly the quality you need
  • Convenience: Extended list of parameter sets with probe head optimization: CMC_COSY, CMC_TOCSY, CMC_NOESY, CMC_C13DEPTQ135, CMC_F19 and CMC_F19CPD
  • Non-uniform sampling (NUS) in a failsafe way is possible for all the common 2D experiments

REMINDER: Bruker will be at Euromar July 10-14 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Be sure to register for our symposium on Sunday, July 10, and our Bruker night on the 11th to save your spot!

LabScape ProCare: supports maintenance and budget planning of your NMR instruments

Bruker supports lab managers in improving the planning of the recommended maintenance visit for your Bruker instruments. DonĀ“t miss your next planned service with the integrated notifications from LabScape ProCare, providing you peace of mind.