Preclinical Imaging
May 2022

New! BioSpec Maxwell Make the Move to Intelligent MRI

BioSpec Maxwell MRIs take innovation to the next level with automated self-supervision in a compact easy to site liquid cryogen filling-free MRI.


Innovative Maxwell technology. Maximum uptime. Maximum cost savings. Ease of siting. Easy to use. 3 Tesla, 7 Tesla and 9.4 Tesla.


Expand the biomedical research capabilities for small rodents in your lab.

New! Preclinical Imaging Community

A collection of practical and useful resources to support preclinical imaging researchers and facilitate daily work.

Get free access to the fast-growing collection of knowledge, continuously updated by application scientists.

New! ParaVision 360 V3.3 – Acceleration Suite: Results, Faster

  • Fully integrated Compressed Sensing, particularly suited for acquisition of sparse data, i.e. such as in angiography or chemical shift imaging
  • Greater RARE Flexibility with RAREvfl enabling very high RARE factors and extremely fast high resolution T2-weighted 3D isotropic in vivo imaging
  • Faster Cardiac Imaging with the Acceleration option PEAK GRAPPA (k-t acceleration scheme) making use of phased array coils