AvanceCore NMR Solution
New Applications Notes
May 2022

AvanceCore: Premium High-Resolution NMR at a More Affordable Price

We have some NEW items on our AvanceCore website including three new application notes highlighting topics like signal-to-noise improvement, multi-signal suppression, and radiation damping. Also, we have two calculators that can help you determine which AvanceCore configuration is right for you and your estimated cost per measurement.

NEW EPR Application Note: Detection of the Superoxide Free Radical with the Nitrone Spin Traps DMPO and BMPO

Click below to learn about spin trapping, a technique developed in the late 1960s in which a nitrone or nitroso compound reacts with a target free radical to form a stable and identifiable free radical that is detected by EPR spectroscopy.

Calling all Chemists!

Bruker has a new software solution designed specifically for chemistry research. Introducing the new Bruker Chemist Suite. Get to know the new Bruker Chemist Suite in our upcoming webinar on June 7th.