Industrial News

April 2022

Challenges in Polymer Production

Greener plant efficiency, product testing, innovative research and development, and recycling programs for safe reuse of materials, are just some of the challenges that a global polymer production is facing. That’s why Bruker is constantly innovating with a range of diverse advanced polymer MR-based end-to-end solutions to serve the entire polymer value chain.

Monomer Control Method: Applying Benchtop ESR

Electron spin resonance (ESR) allows direct measurement of polymerization inhibitors with many benefits: Improved plant efficiency and product output; improved plant economics by reducing lab expenses; improved plant safety; increased production capacity and equipment preservation.

Chain length, Tacticity, Branching, Cross-linking and more: Insights with MR

Properties of polymers are additionally influenced by the use of co-polymers, modifiers, plasticizers and more. These can both affect whether a plastic is resistant to heat, resistant to chemicals, and whether it has the right amount of flexibility for its purpose, as well as other characteristics such as plasticity. Since NMR can give information about the dynamics of a molecule, the effects on the flexibility of a molecule in solution as a function of modifications can be studied.

SmartDriveNMR: Free Evaluation License

Are you interested in speeding up routine NMR work concerning synthesis control? SmartDriveNMR is the software that can automate all main experiment types used for small molecules. Test the new SmartDriveNMR 30 days free of charge.