New Applications Notes
April 2022

We have three new applications notes covering several topics related to NMR and specifically to our premium high-resolution affordable NMR system, the AvanceCore.

Below you can discover and download our new application notes:

10-fold Signal-to-Noise Improvement with Weak Lock Coupling

In NMR, small signals - e.g. from trace impurities - can easily get buried in noise. Weak lock coupling can reduce the noise!

Mixture Analysis with NMR: Benefiting from Multi-Signal Suppression

1H NMR spectroscopy is great for detecting impurities and trace compounds. There is no “hiding” as most organic molecules contain the highly sensitive 1H nucleus! Lift the lid to discover what selectively suppressing large signals can uncover.

Radiation Damping: What It Is and What To Do

One of the strengths of NMR spectroscopy over other methods is that the sample amount can be chosen relatively freely, from the sub-milligram-range to several grams. Provided that radiation damping is correctly accounted for, measurements of trace compounds, undiluted products, and the mixture of both can be performed very straightforwardly.

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