Olive Oil-Profiling™ by NMR

A New Food Analysis Solution


Olive Oil-Profiling™ by NMR, a New Food Analysis Solution that Verifies Authenticity and Product Quality to Enhance Supply Chain Integrity

Olive oil is one of the most adulterated food products worldwide. In order to help to verify the authenticity and the quality of this product, Bruker has launched a new solution: Olive Oil-Profiling 1.0™ by NMR.

This expands Bruker’s food analysis solutions portfolio and it will be offered on two analytical nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) platforms: on the well-established NMR FoodScreener™ platform and, for the first time, also on the cryogen-free Fourier 80 benchtop system.

These two platforms address the different requirements of the stakeholders in olive oil industry.

The Fourier 80 benchtop solution is developed for olive oil bottlers, testing laboratories dedicated to the analysis of olive oil, and satellite laboratories of larger private testing laboratories.

The NMR FoodScreener responds to the needs of private testing laboratories and governmental laboratories, for the analysis of different food matrices. The NMR FoodScreener concept allows the incorporation and stacking of various NMR Food-Profiling solutions in one system.