Industrial News

March 2022

Uncovering renewable sources for lithium batteries

The reliable efficacy demonstrated by lithium-ion batteries as effective energy storage devices has resulted in this becoming the battery type of choice to power electric cars. Since the increase in battery production is designed to reduce the transportation sector's carbon footprint, it is important that raw materials used in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries can be sourced in a sustainable manner.

Using EPR for Analysis of Metallic Lithium Microstructure

To meet the growing demand for energy storage, substantial scientific efforts are undertaken to improve secondary battery performance. Lithium-ion batteries are still state-of-the-art for commercial applications in the near future, but researchers are extensively investigating material improvements as well as alternative battery designs.

4 Reasons you need SmartDriveNMR

Are you the administrator of an NMR spectrometer? Are you spending too much of your time handling all analytical requests coming in day-by-day? Here are four reasons why SmartDriveNMR can help you tackle your everyday challenges.