Clinical Research News

March 2022


NMR value for personalised healthcare and biobank quality process

NMR* International COVID-19 Research Network at Work - Listen to Prof. Ulrich Günther from the Institute of Chemistry and Metabolomics at the Lübeck University in Germany as he presents how important is using #NMR* to tackle today health problems, to provide insights into the future of personalized healthcare, and to support the value of standardizing biobanks.

High dietary intake of sodium: what if urine could tell you more?

Although the relationship between sodium intake and blood pressure is well-established, further insights into the genetic and physiological pathways underlying the link between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease has recently been obtained using NMR.

Cancer investigation with NMR: recent research

Cancer cells must be able to convert nutrients to biomass while maintaining energy production. This phenomenon is increasingly recognized as a potential target for treatment, but also as a source for biomarkers that can be used for prognosis, risk stratification, and therapy monitoring. Prof. Tone Bathen - Breast Cancer Research at University of Norway and  Dr. Christoph Trautwein - Group Leader Metabolomics and Systems Medicine at University Hospital Tübingen, Germany  - are sharing with us interesting insights about their cancer research with NMR. 

*Research use only. Bruker NMR instruments are not intended for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.