Magnetic Resonance News

March 2022

New Features of Fourier 80 Benchtop NMR

The new release of the Fourier 80 offers high sample throughput, optimized synthesis, process control, and superior data integrity in a compliant and compact system that requires no special infrastructure, lengthy installation, or complex training.

Adjustable Temperature for Fourier 80

Do you need to measure your NMR samples at multiple temperatures? Do more with your NMR research with adjustable temperature for the Fourier 80 benchtop NMR system. Samples can be measured from 25°C up to 60°C. Ideal for mimicking physiological conditions or higher temperatures for viscous samples and polymer analysis

Fourier 80 RxnLab

Would you like to measure your reactions in real-time but don’t have the capabilities to bring the reactor to the NMR instrument? With the new Fourier 80 RxnLab benchtop system, you can now bring the NMR system directly to the reactor. The use of patented temperature-controlled reaction paths and a flow rate of up to 10 bar allows for greater precision in real-time chemical reaction analysis.

GxP Readiness for the Fourier 80

Seamlessly scale from benchtop to enterprise operations with the GxP Readiness kit for the Fourier 80. Superior compliance according to 21 CFR part 11 data integrity principles with comprehensive audit trail capabilities and enterprise assay management.

4 Reasons You Need SmartDriveNMR

Are you the administrator of an NMR spectrometer? Are you spending too much of your time organizing all analytical requests coming in day-by-day? Here are four reasons why SmartDriveNMR can help you tackle your everyday challenges.