Pharmaceutical News

February 2022

Investigating Crystalline Protein Suspension Formulations of Pembrolizumab from MAS NMR Spectroscopy

Late breaking paper from scientist at Merck & Co., showing the characterization of Keytruda microcrystalline suspension using magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR. mAb microcrystals have the potential to deliver biotherapeutics to patients at a high concentration and in a small volume though subcutaneous injection, as opposed to more diluted formulation, delivered intravenous, which requires patient's visits to hospitals.

Tackling Challenging Targets with High-Throughput Biophysical Screening at Novartis

Extend your complementary screening capacities: The latest application note showcases the multiplexing potential of Bruker’s SPR Pro-platform in a screen of 10’000 compounds and the integration into automated data analysis using Genedata Screener®. Read here about the possibilities for multiplexing HTS with the SPR-platform from Bruker.

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