Industrial News

February 2022

Are Waste tires source for petroleum-derived fuels alternatives?

The pyrolysis of waste tires produces, among other compounds, a liquid called tire pyrolysis oil (TPO). With its high energy density and natural rubber component, it shows promise as a component in alternative fuels and complies with global guidelines on promoting renewable energy, such as the 2009/28/EC European directive.

Producing high-value products by processing hemp hurds

One particular thermochemical process called slow pyrolysis can be used to convert hemp hurds into biochar, liquids (distillates), and gases. These are produced in approximately equal amounts, although the process conditions can be adjusted to maximize the yield of a particular fraction. Liquid distillates are also produced, they contain bioactive compounds and could be collected to generate additional income.

New TopSpin 4.1.4 Release – Available Now!

The new TopSpin 4.1.4 release is now available, offering some interesting functionalities.

  • New SmartDriveNMR – more flexibility, even better quality
  • GxP - with- with the "Central Audit Trail" all actions from multiple devices or processing workstations are recorded together
  • New Python interface – from publishable graphs to TopSpin functionality extension

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