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June 2017


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Welcome to the summer edition of the Preclinical Imaging e-News, your wrap up what’s happening in the Bruker preclinical imaging community. We have an impressive lineup of hot research topics, informative webinars and a humorous video to entertain you. So while we get ready to unveil more innovations at WMIC, you can get caught up on the latest news.

More Than The Sum of Its Parts - PET Inline

The new PET Inline Module can be added to all high-field MRI systems for unsurpassed PET and MRI imaging performance. It features homogeneous, high-resolution and quantitative PET imaging and offers full field accuracy PET quantification with attenuation correction based on MRI attenuation maps. Read More

MALDI/MS and PET/CT Unlock New Gastric Cancer Target

Gastric cancer is the number three cause of death from cancer in the world. PET/CT imaging offers some advantages in preclinical drug studies because of its high sensitivity and superior temporal and spatial resolution capabilities.The powerful combination including MALDI-TOF/TOF, MALDI-FTICR imaging, extracted results from a single experiment that in the past would have required separate studies and methods for each experimental objective.Read More

ICON MRI Scanner for Routine Small Animal Imaging

Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) is a widely used, non-destructive, analytical technique used to conduct cellular and molecular level research in the fields of chemistry, biology, and medicine. One important application in the field of MRI is the study of biological tissues using small animal models. Read more

microCT Boosts Bone Graft Research

When bone experiences large amounts of damage, repair is sometimes beyond the natural ability of the body. Therefore, various techniques have been created over the years to assist in bone reconstruction. In dental surgery, one of the most common to be used is guided bone regeneration (GBR). Read All

Non-Human Primate MRI for studying human capacities

Many of today’s fundamental biomedical questions can best be answered with the help of preclinical research. In comparison to other mammals, non-human primates are characterized by a highly developed visual system, differentiated fine motor control and highly developed cognitive abilities, which make them ideal models for studying human capacities. Learn more

MicroCT Imaging in Endodontic Research

MicroCT imaging in endodontic research often involves assessing root canal procedures such as drilling the canals and addition or removal of filler material. Here we will go through the steps in DataViewer and CTAn for first registering scans of a tooth before and after a root canal drilling procedure, and then analyzing the outcome. Learn more

“MRI beats them all” – but is that really true today?

Meet Drs. Eric Hoefler and Maria Riveira, preclinical physicists dedicated to their research. Both use MRI, but only one adds PET imaging to gain functional information and cost savings for their lab. Follow their stories in this fun video! Watch the video learn more

Education on demand

Studying cancer biology and therapeutic targets using PET technology

Metabolic Imaging in Neurodegenerative Disease using CEST MRI

In Vivo Tumor Progression Studies: Reagents for use in Optical Imaging

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Meet Us in Person

June 25, 2017
BRS Annual Meeting 2017 - Bristol, UK - Bone Research Society Meeting


July 2, 2017
EUROMAR 2017 - Warsaw, Poland - Annual Magnetic Resonance Conference


September 6, 2017
JASIS 2017 - Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan


September 11, 2017
British Chapter of the ISMRM - Liverpool, UK - 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Chapter of the ISMRM


September 13, 2017
WMIC 2017 - Philadelphia, PA, USA - World Molecular Imaging Congress


October 19, 2017
ESMRMB 2017 - Barcelona, Spain - 34th Annual Scientific Meeting

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